ISO 9001:2015 Consulting, Training and Auditing eCourse

By | June 26, 2017

ISO 9001:2015 Consulting, Training and Auditing eCourse

This ISO 9001:2015 eCourse provides in plain English an in-depth explanation of the requirements of the standard in pdf form. This eCourse is targeting ISO 9001 beginners, consultants, auditors, trainers, QMS managers and certification bodies or registrars to help them become experts in this ISO standard. You don’t need to take an expensive onsite or registrar provided training course or courses to help you understand or implement ISO 9001. Such courses can cost well over $1,000.

The eBook included with the course, has 336 pages of solid content and has every clause explained in depth and will help your organization make a smooth transition from the ISO 9001:2008 to this latest version; in the understanding, documentation and implementation of an effective quality management system (qms) that will lead to an audit for evidence of conformity by an accredited certification body also known as a registrar; and finally appearing on the list of ISO 9001 certified or registered companies.

So it doesn’t matter whether your business is providing consulting, consultancy, training, auditing, implementing an en ISO 9001:2015 qms for your small business or organization or other qms or ISO 9001 software services. Whether you need information on the process approach, flowcharts, a checklist, identify qms processes, risk management, organizational knowledge, context, relevant interested parties, a QMS manual, templates, forms and other internal documents; your management will want to know what is ISO 9001 and the standard explained through an overview, so they fully understand the meaning, definitions, criteria, getting proposal fees and costs, policies and objectives, procedures, records and documentation and quality management, assurance and control requirements and registration process needed to get ISO 9001 certified.

I have produced a series of free online powerpoint (ppt) videos on YouTube that provide an overview as well as true/false questions and answers that explain the meaning of this ISO 9001 standard and how to document and implement your qms.  You can download this eCourse or handbook after purchasing it via PayPal. This eBook has more useful and actionable information than any wiki, competitor, book or course anywhere period.

To purchase this eCourse, please visit askartsolutions home page

ISO 9001:2015 Consulting, Training and Auditing eCourse

ISO 9001:2015 eCourse

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