ISO 9001 Requirements Clause 8.2.3 Review product related requirements

By | June 17, 2017

ISO 9001 Requirements

ISO 9001 Requirements Clause 8.2.3 Review product related requirements

Customer related processes must include controls for determining customer and regulatory requirements, a review of such requirements and communication with the customer. The starting point would be the inputs from customers and potential customers stating their requirements. These could include – purchase orders, requests for quotation (RFQ), requests to tender, drawings and specifications, order related emails, customer visits to discuss order details, etc.

These input documents provide details of customer requirements in terms of products and services – product number, description, quantities, pricing, reference to drawings and specifications; etc.

All information provided by customers relating to their orders must be reviewed prior to making any commitment to accept it. The review process for products and services offered and sold to customers must ensure that it has the capability and capacity to fulfill the full scope of a customer’s requirements through a review of all customer order documentation and your own internal requirements and documentation related to the customer’s order, before accepting the order.

Through customer use and market feedback, organizations may expand the range of intended uses through future product and service versions and revisions. The review of customer orders must ensure that the version and/or revision that is produced meets customer requirements.

There may be instances where your organization responded to an RFQ and subsequently the customer placed an order where the requirements differed from what was originally quoted. Your organization must review the order against the original quote and resolve such differences.

This article is an extract from my eCourse “Understanding ISO 9001:2015”. The rest of the article on this clause discusses in detail the specific controls to address each of the specific requirements of clause 8.2.3. and 8.2.4

ISO 9001 Requirements Clause 8.2.3 Review product related requirements

ISO 9001 Requirements eCourse

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